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Pricing & Reservations
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General Admission                                          $7.00

Tailgating                    10x20                        $20.00

Inside   Tables              8x8                          $30.00

                 Tables 2-5   (8 table)                      $22.00 each

                 Tables 6 or more                            $20.00 each

Exhibit Hall has electricity available

Tailgating, Exhibit Hall spaces include the purchase of one (1) general admission ticket per person.

COVID-19 Notice:  Subject to restrictions pertaining to gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic State of Emergency, the CARAFest Working Group is, for the time being, cautiously optimistic COVID-19 conditions in early October may be sufficiently controlled to permit CARAFest 2020 to take place.   Please check back periodically for updates.